DRONA IIM provides coaching to MBA aspirants . It aims at nurturing young students to give them a leading edge in MBA entrance exams. Through constant training and personalized attention, DRONA IIM drives the students to perform to their potential. With over 200 hours of classroom training, the CAT program, addresses all aspects of CAT- Quant, Verbal, DI/reasoning and GK. The program is comprehensive and prepares students for XAT, IIFT, CET, NMAT, SNAP, TISS, CMAT and most Indian management entrance exams.

Our Students

We are proud to introduce our 2014/15 class, the first cohort to benefit from the newly redesigned MBA programme.

The new class welcomes 230 indviduals from 45 countries.

The year commences with MBA launch, a three-week programme designed to introduce our students to the world-class business school community at Saïd Business School and to life at Dronamba.

During Launch,students will be introduced to talent development through soft skills training and coaching. Talent development focuses on giving students the skills they need to create impact, influence and lead effectively. Students have free rein to identify a topic for discussion with their coach that is important to them and that will be personally transformative. Examples include; developing personal confidence, prioritising or working in teams.

As part of MBA launch you will also start to build fundamental skills to support the core courses, particularly in Business Finance, Accounting, and Analytics. MBA Launch also includes the start of the Leadership Fundamentals course and a one-day workshop with a guest speaker to introduce each year’s GOTO topic.

At the heart of the redesigned MBA are three cross-cutting themes related to the world-scale challenges shaping today’s business environment: global rules of the game; entrepreneurship; and responsible leadership.

The business world is currently experiencing a period of unprecedented transformation. Rapid global economic growth, technological developments and the global financial radically altered the landscape for business. This environment needs individuals who can inspire and influence a wide range of stakeholders, and who can demonstrate responsible leadership in the face of complex and often conflicting interests.

We are excited to welcome in this year’s class MBA class, the next generation of world's future business leaders who will be equipped with the skills, knowledge, and personal qualities needed to meet the world-scale challenges of the 21st century.

Life at dronamba both inside and outside the MBA classroom is intense but also immensely stimulating. Although the pace of the programme is fast and you will have a packed schedule with classes, group work and personal study time, life doesn’t stop when study is done for the day.

Browse the following pages to learn more about the typical class profile in the MBA programme, read about our alumni and the areas where they are making a difference thanks to completing the programme and read all about the dronamba community that you will enjoy as student here.